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What to Look in a Diesel Generator in 2022?

What to Look in a Diesel Generator in 2022?

Diesel Generators are used everywhere, whether it’s small home generators or providing power for large office buildings. But, however they are used, they all need to have some things in common: they all must be reliable in use, efficient to run, and safe and robust.


Diesel Generators are popular options because they combine all these traits. Diesel may have fallen out of favour when it comes to filling vehicles but remains an ideal fuel for generators. Even with the end of red, or rebated, diesel, its efficiency means it’s cheaper in use than regular petrol, lowering the cost of generation. It’s also safer. Diesel is harder to ignite than petrol in normal conditions, creating less of a risk from the fuel tanks.


Diesel also burns at a lower temperature, so it takes less of a toll on the engine, helping lengthen both its running time and lifespan. And the relative simplicity of diesel generators means that they are easy to maintain. A good diesel generator, used properly and regularly maintained, can easily offer a lifetime of service.

diesel generator

What to look for in Diesel Generators?

Although generators are all, broadly, the same — the fuel powers the engine, which turns the dynamo, which generates power — it’s worth considering a few factors when purchasing a generator, whether it’s diesel or not.


The most important issue will be the demands placed on the generator. There’s no point in purchasing an industrial unit for a home, for example. But do think carefully about need. For example, do you need a generator that maintains business as usual, or just to power critical equipment. Even in an age of energy efficiency, homes and offices can have an enormous number of devices and power requirements will quickly add up, so it’s easy to misjudge requirements.


Also consider the operational needs and tolerances. Do you require a rapid start for an uninterrupted power supply, or does the generator have to manage a consistent supply without fluctuations when demand changes? Your needs will guide your choice.


Finally, think about location. A diesel generator will need good ventilation, but you’ll also need to think about the space it’s in and the surrounding area. Noise might be an issue if it’s close to working buildings but locating it further away may have implications for connectivity as well as leaving it more exposed to the elements.


The following five diesel generators cover a range of uses. Choosing the one that best meets your needs will ensure you have a great generator that will always be there when you need it.

Hyundai DHY6000SE

diesel generator


The Hyundai DHY6000SE is one of the best-selling standby diesel generators on the market. Designed for homes and small offices, the unit is compatible with the optional Automatic Transfer Switch, making it ideal for an uninterrupted power supply.


The unit is also exceptionally quiet, making it suitable for use in homes and offices where noise disruption needs to be avoided. The hood, which provides easy access for maintenance, also helps to attenuate noise.


The generator can comfortably supply a steady 5.2kW of power, enough to run fifty computers, or hundreds of LED bulbs. It has a 16-litre tank, which will last about 16 hours at 50% load. However, the generator is designed primary for standby use, and frequent or extended use will reduce its life span.

Hyundai DHY8000SELR-T


diesel generator


diesel generator

If you need a little more power and flexibility, the larger DHY8000SELR-T is a long-run standby generator that can offer multiphase running, with 230v single phase or 400v three-phase modes.


Like the smaller DHY6000SE, it can be combined with a switch to provide an uninterrupted power supply. Its air-cooling system enables a longer running time, up to 30 hours from its 30-litre tank when running at 50% of its maximum output of 6kW.


Another quiet generator, making it suitable for use in low-noise areas, it is a great choice for larger homes or uses in areas where power supply can be unreliable with lengthy outages.


Hyundai DHY12500SE


diesel generator

diesel generator


The largest of the Hyundai models we’ve selected, the DHY12500SE can provide up to 10kW, making it a model more suited for businesses, but also worth considering for larger, and power-hungry, homes.


The generator has a 60-litre tank, however, the extra power it offers, 10kW, means it burns fuel more quickly. Despite this it still offers lengthy operating periods, around 18 hours at a quarter load, for example.


It provides excellent reliability, with minimal variation in the motor’s speed and, therefore, generation, so it’s an exceptional generator for business uses where power is critical. Together it makes it ideal for use in places like workshops with equipment that constantly changes the power demands.


Evopower UKC110ECO

diesel generator

diesel generator


If you need a heavy-duty generator for business, and even light industrial use, then consider an Evopower generator. The UKC110ECO diesel generator can produce 88kW in standby applications, and 80kW when used as a prime power source.


The 1,500rpm motor is designed for regular use. The motor is electronically governed to keep speed steady, and the supply regulated, ensuring that power is consistent even during large changes in demand.


The generator has a 227-litre tank, offering around 20 hours operation at 50% load. And the generator’s integral control panel enables full configuration of operation, as well as a USB connection, enabling control via a PC.

Evopower UKC275ECO-LR


diesel generator

diesel generator


If the generator is the main, or prime, power source, then the UKC275ECO-LR offers over 46 hours runtime from its large, 1,250-litre tanks. Although capable of standby generation, it excels at long-running prime operation, offering 220kW (275kVA) of power


Like the smaller Evopower, the motor is governed, and the supply regulated to ensure a consistent and reliable supply. While the control panel and software options offer full control over operation. Surprisingly, given its size and power, the UKC275ECO-LR diesel generator is remarkably quiet in operation, generating a noise level comparable to the smaller Hyundai generators on our list.


And the generator is fully weather-proofed, meaning that it can safely be left outside without affecting its performance. It’s a generator that can meet the most demanding and exacting standards.

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