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Which Generator Should I Buy?

Which Generator Should I Buy?

Whether it's to power a workshop or provide insurance against an unreliable supply, a home generator can ensure that the lights — and more — stay on, even when the mains supply goes off. Home generators can fill different roles, from powering the whole home to keeping a few key appliances running. This means the best standby generator for home use in the UK will depend on your needs, particularly the demands that you will make of it.

When choosing, it’s worth thinking about the items it will need to power to calculate the kilowatt requirements, then adding a little headroom to that. But it’s also worth thinking about how the generator will be used, for example where it will be positioned. We’ve picked three that, between them, will meet almost any need.


1. Hyundai DHY6000SE Home Petrol Inverter Generator


diesel generator


One of the UK’s most popular sub-10kW standby generators, it offers a compact generator that is ideal for home use.


Powered by an efficient four-stroke engine, it is low emission and quiet, making it suitable for use even in proximity to homes or small businesses. The generator provides a maximum 5.2kW, with a long sixteen-hour run time at half load.


It is also compatible with Hyundai’s Automatic Transfer Switch to create a reliable, uninterrupted power supply. And the inverter means that the supply is constant and, therefore, suitable even for equipment that is sensitive to supply fluctuations. This makes it one of the best standby generators for home use in the UK, where most appliances require a steady current.

2. Hyundai HY8000RVi Petrol Inverter Generator


RV Generator

The HY8000RVi is designed not just for home use, but also for mounting on a vehicle, making it suitable for uses where the power supply must be portable.

The generator offers a maximum output of 7.5kW, with a 15-kW surge output. This allows it to operate with equipment that has high start-up demands, such as power tools, that can overwhelm other generators.

Like other Hyundai models, it has exceptional fuel efficiency and low emissions. The four-stroke engine has an 18-hour run time under a light load. And the mounting integrates anti-vibration buffers and silencers to ensure quiet operation.


3. Hyundai DHY14KSE Three Phase Diesel Generator


diesel generator

If you have slightly more demanding needs, then the DNY14KSE generator might be what you need. A powerful, three-phase generator, it is suitable for home, office, or even light industrial use.

The generator is intended to power heavier, 400-volt, equipment. It can, however, run more traditional 240V equipment alongside that, or, by balancing the load between the three phases, can power only 240V equipment. This makes it the best standby generator for home use in the UK where power demands are high, or workshop-type equipment also needs a supply.

Capable of a maximum of 11.2kW, the generator can be connected to an automatic transfer switch to create an uninterrupted power supply. Combined with the ability to manage high loads, it’s ideal for users that need to keep critical equipment, like servers or refrigeration, going. However, as a larger generator, it is difficult to move, so it is best suited to bigger homes and offices that have the space for it.

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