The HeartStart HS1 semi-automatic external defibrillator is designed specifically for use by the first person responding to an emergency. The AED is reliable, easy to use, and virtually maintenance-free. The design allows this AED to be used by people with no medical or defibrillator training.

Design features:

Reliability and Safety


  • Fail-Safe Design - The AED is intended to detect a shockable rhythm and instruct the user to deliver a shock if needed. It will not allow a shock if one is not required
  • Quick Shock - Can deliver defibrillation shock quickly - typically within 8 seconds - after the end of a patient care pause
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Automatic Self Tests to help ensure the AED is ready to use when needed
  • Environmental Parameters - Environmental tests were conducted to prove the HS1 AED's reliability and ability to operate in different conditions