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Infrared Home


 Imagine having your own Spa at Home Unwind and Relax with a Home Sauna without having to leave Home.



Relieve muscle pain

and work wonders for your mental health.

Relax at


After a hard workout or a long day, you need to just relax, which is exactly what you will do. The combination of heat, plus being disconnected from the rest of the world for even just a few minutes, you can transform your attitude and leave you feeling refreshed in a matter of minutes and at the comfort of your own home.

Good Value

Having an Infrared Home Sauna may help increase your property value and give your home a gorgeous and sophisticated ambience.

" Feel all your

Stress & Anxiety

Melt Away"

Relax & Clear

Your Mind on

Your Very

Own Home Sauna

"A Home Sauna is also proven to bring the family together. Just ask Finland.

There is a difference in Social experience when having a Home Sauna.

From family time to heartfelt conversations with your families to even yes Sauna parties with your friends – the Home Sauna experience can lead to meaningful socialising and bonding.

Our Infrared Saunas are large enough for your families or friends to enjoy. Though a Sauna session may only be a few minutes at a time, the experience of heating, preparing to use the Sauna, talking and relaxing afterwards can be very therapeutic and rewarding"

Benefits you will get from a Infrared Home Sauna

High Quality Infrared Home Saunas
for only


Unwind and Relax


Release tension and help muscle fibres recover faster.


Release in your body and sweat them out in an Infrared Home Sauna.

Better Skin

As your pores open and sweat, they also flush out the icky stuf leaving your skin looking clearer and feeling healthier.

Infrared Home Sauna Can Help:

Relieve joint pain
Chronic fatigue
Cardiovascular disease
Rheumatoid disease


Built to Last Forever- Easy to Install-Unwind and Relax

Infrared Home Sauna


1) Easy to Install

2) Latest Carbon Fiber, Far-infrared Heating Technology.

3)Certified with an Ultra-Low & Safe Electro Magnetic Field (EMF)

4) Responsibility Sourced Canadian Hemlock Wood
5) Natural Nordic Finishes & Far-Infrared

6) Lifetime Heater Warranty

Get the Relaxation that

you Deserve

Get a daily Spa for as little as £2.50 per day

Frequently Questions Asked

Is Home Sauna Safe


As long as your sauna has wiring for 220 volts, you will not have to worry about electrical problems. The temperature inside your sauna will have no effect on the heat levels within your home.


Is it OK to Use the Home Sauna Everyday?


A long-ranging study with more than 1,600 Finnish men and women over the course of several years, found that frequent sauna bathing, as much as four to seven times per week, was connected to reduced risk of stroke. Reduced risk of dementia.


How long should you sit in a Sauna to detox?


The amount of time spent in a sauna detox session may vary depending upon your tolerance and daily activity level. To get your body accustomed to infrared therapy, start with 10-15 minute sessions every other day. Gradually increase towards 40 minute daily sessions in the optimal temperature range


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Large products, such as Saunas, require further processing and shipping time. Our Customer Support team will contact you to arrange a suitable delivery date and time. Please allow an extra 1 - 2 days on top of the standard UK delivery time.


How Many People Can fit and What is the Product dimensions?


The Ultra Comfy Sauna is able to Easily fit 2 people. The Sauna dimensions can easily fit into your own home with a Product dimensions W 120 x D 105 x H 190cm