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best commercial petrol pressure washer uk

Best Value Petrol Pressure Washers in the U.K. on Sale Right Now in 2022!

petrol pressure washer uk

The Best Petrol Pressure Washer in the U.K. - July 2022

If you have ever used one, or just seen one in action, you’ll know how quick and easy a Petrol Pressure Washer can make even the hardest cleaning jobs. Everything from patios and decking to bikes and cars look like new after just a quick blast.


But not all Petrol Pressure Washers are created equal. And with so many on the market, it’s difficult to know where to start. This guide will take you through the process of buying a Petrol Pressure Washer. Starting by looking at how they work, the different types, and the advantages and disadvantages of each, we will finish with a closer look at our recommendations.


What is a Petrol Pressure Washer?


In short, it uses with a high-pressure stream of water to wash.

In simple terms, it will take a low-pressure water source, from an internal tank or connected hose. It then uses a motor to generate pressure, forcing the water through a small hole or slit to create the high-pressure jet. It’s this pressure that does the cleaning.

The high pressure can be powerful enough to break down even the toughest stains. It also uses a lot less water than traditional hose and usually means you avoid needing harsh chemicals, making them better for the environment too.

The key difference between Petrol Pressure Washers is the motor that drives them.

The Different types of Petrol Pressure Washer

There are three key types of Petrol Pressure Washer on the market. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, and which is best for you depends on what you need it for and how you will use it.

There is no point in buying a Petrol Pressure Washer with 4,000psi if you are only going to occasionally wash a car with it. Likewise, don’t expect a small cordless Petrol Pressure Washer to blast years of stains off a large patio with no effort.

And you need to think about how you will use it, too. Again, buying a top-of-the-range 4,000psi Petrol Pressure Washer might seem a great investment, but if it’s so big and complex it just sits in the shed all year, because you need something quick and easy, it’s a bad buy.

The three key types of Petrol Pressure Washer are petrol, electric, and cordless. And the advantages of each are largely down to the type of motor they have.

Petrol Pressure Washers are the most powerful, and their engines tend to last the longest. Without the need for a fixed power supply, you use them anywhere. However, they do need regular maintenance if you are to get the best from them.

Electric power washers have the convenience of just being ready to go, all they need is power and water. However, electric engines tend to wear quicker than petrol engines and, although not always the case, the build quality tends to be poorer: made of plastic rather than metal.

Finally, cordless power-washers tend to be the weakest type. Although battery technology is constantly improving, manufacturers still have to balance battery life against power. But  these tend to be lightweight and convenient, so if portability is more important than power, they might be the best option for you.

What should I consider when buying a Petrol Pressure Washer?

You are already considering buying a Petrol Pressure Washer to clean things. The real questions are: What do you want to clean, and how often do you want to clean it?

First, how dirty is the thing you need to clean? This might seem an odd question, but the answer is important. Cleaning a car that just has some mud sprayed on it from country roads is an easy job for even a low-powered Petrol Pressure Washer. But a patio or decking that accumulates stains from food and drink, trodden in with garden dirt and growing moss will mean you need to look for Petrol Pressure Washer deals.

Second, you need to think about where you need to clean. If you have a small garden, for example, you might only need an electric power washer because you are always near a power supply. But if you have large grounds, then petrol might be necessary, so you can clean anywhere.

Finally, safety is always important. There are some factors that might preclude one particular type. Are you in situations where having a power supply and cables might present a danger, for example? Or are you hoping to clean in enclosed areas where the fumes from a Petrol Pressure Washer can be dangerous? Like any appliance, safety should always come first.

Why Petrol Pressure Washer is best

If you are serious about cleaning, then the power of a Petrol Pressure Washer is the way to go. It’s possible to buy a 4,000psi Petrol Pressure Washer. Electric washers simply can’t match Petrol Pressure Washers, and the difference can be significant, a Petrol Pressure Washer will take about the third of the time an electric washer would take.

Petrol Pressure Washers are, typically, much more robust, and better built than electric machines. Mass-produced electric machines are best for occasional and relatively light use. A Petrol Pressure Washer is built to last and will still be cleaning years after electric motors have failed.

However, the better quality comes at a price, and while you might save by finding Petrol Pressure Washer deals, they are more expensive than their electric counterparts. They also tend to need more maintenance, although modern models may need little more than a regular clean. And they are also noisier in use, which might be an issue if you have neighbours.

Our Picks

We recommend the following three models, which could all claim to be the best commercial Petrol Pressure washer in the UK. The main difference between them is the engine size, and, therefore, the power. Between them, they cover almost every conceivable need, but individually they are some of the best Pressure washers to buy on any criteria.

Hyundai 2800psi petrol Pressure Washer


petrol pressure washer uk

petrol pressure washer uk

Hyundai might be better known for cars, but this Japanese manufacturing giant has put together a great Petrol Pressure Washer.

The engineering has been made as simple as possible. It has a sealed design, meaning that pump oil changes are not required. And this compact Petrol Pressure Washer’s petrol engine uses easily available SAE30 or 15w40 oil, meaning there is no difficulty in fuelling it.

The four-stroke engine’s torque means that it does not have to be operated at its maximum to get its pressure, helping keep it a little quieter. It also has a range of water-feeds, using either an internal tank for the best possible portability, or a standard garden hose to ensure that the water level never falls.

It is, however, not the most powerful washer on the market. While it reaches 2,800psi, it might not be quite enough for some of the toughest jobs you have.

Hyundai 3100psi Petrol Pressure Washer

petrol pressure washer uk

petrol pressure washer uk


With a top pressure of 3,100psi, this Hyundai Petrol Pressure Washer offers a good all-round performance. And will blast away almost anything, although some of the toughest stains may require a little work.

The four-stroke engine is, as might be expected from a vehicle manufacturer, incredibly well engineered. But, as well as being reliable, it is designed for easy maintenance, with key parts like the pump easily available as spares, so you can keep the Petrol Pressure Washer going even after wear and tear has taken its toll.

Hyundai also has a great warranty in place, offering three years to provide peace of mind. And their customer service and support is highly rated by customers.

It offers both mains and gravity feed options for the water. But with a flow rate of ten litres a minute, you might be topping up a little too often if you don’t have a mains water supply handy.




Hyundai 4000psi Petrol Pressure Washer

petrol pressure washer uk

petrol pressure washer uk

The most powerful model you can get, although it comes with a price tag to match.

With 4,000psi, this Hyundai can, literally, strip paint, and will make incredibly light work of even the toughest jobs. Indeed, the real question to ask if purchasing this is whether you actually need all that power.

Hyundai’s 4,000psi Petrol Pressure Washer comes with all the advantages of its less-powerful brothers. The largest of the three, it weighs in at 61 kg, meaning some might struggle with it on uneven terrain. Its good design helps to overcome this a little, with it balancing well on its two large, puncture-proof, tyres.

It is, undeniably, a beast of a machine, and if you need its power, this is a power washer you won’t regret buying.

Our conclusion

We chose the Hyundai Petrol Pressure Washers because they are simply one of the Best value Petrol Pressure Washers you can get. They are superbly engineered, meaning you can get the power of petrol without being high maintenance. But they are also backed up by a fantastic three-year warranty and a design that makes them easy to repair if needed, offering valuable peace of mind.

The quality is such, that we’d recommend just buying one now! Whichever you choose the main problem you are likely to face is working out why you didn’t get one sooner.

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