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Zero Gravity Massage Chair Sale

Zero Gravity Massage Chair Sale

Ever had a very stressful week, with your body and mind aching from the frustration and exhaustion? Well, who hasn’t?


Now imagine going to the spa at the end of a week like this, getting pampered and massaged all day long, and basically forgetting all about your troubles and pains.

There’s something therapeutic and healing about that kind of relaxation, and a Zero Gravity Massage Chair can give you that in your own home. You don’t need to go to a spa to get some pain relief; you can do it at home.

Starting from as low as £1,741.81


After trying it, many with chronic back problems and joint pain will wish they’d bought a Zero Gravity Massage Chair a long time ago.


The instant relief and relaxation you feel once you settle down in one are just unmatched, and you can enjoy it in front of your TV.


Zero Gravity Massage Chairs has been known to relieve back and joint pain, relax muscle tension, reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep cycles, and just clear your mind in a way few things in life can.


These health benefits are some of the main reasons why Zero Gravity Massage Chairs are popular and will continue to be for a long time.



"You can bet your masseuse doesn’t come with the features that come with a massage chair."


Our Zero Gravity Massage Chairs come with several massage programs, and you can tinker with over 100 manual adjustments of various techniques like Shiatsu, Swedish, rolling, and other different kinds of massages.


Our Zero Gravity Massage Chairs even offer a massage system that is pretty close to the experience you’d get from an experienced masseuse. Can you imagine a chair that has the ability to scan 1000 acupoints in your body to work on them?


The massage chair basically adjusts itself to your body in order to give you the most therapeutic massage you could ask for.


Our Zero Gravity Massage Chair features aren’t just therapeutic in nature. Our Zero Gravity Massage Chair also comes with Bluetooth technology so you can listen to music through the chair’s own speakers, all while enjoying your massage.


"Our Zero Gravity Massage Chair are a TIME SAVER."


Maybe you still like the traditional massage experience, but the fact remains that a lot of people don’t have time for that. Especially with what's going on today!


Sometimes your schedule is extremely busy, and you can barely find the time to even get a good night’s sleep. This is why having our massage chair is a good idea because it’ll save you the time you’d normally spend to go get a massage. You can easily do it at home now.


Whether you want to wake up and enjoy a nice quiet massage before the kids wake up, or you work the night shift and would like to get some relaxation before you head to work, this chair can change your life.


What should I look for in a good home massage chair?


Our Massage chairs come with different features to choose from Shiatsu massage chairs which target pressure points all over the body with pressing, swaying, and rolling movements. Also comes with Swedish massages that use light intensity kneading movements.


We also have the option of zero-gravity chairs that recline to a zero-gravity position before providing the massage. Try out different chairs to find out which provides the best experience for you.


Massage chairs cater to different areas of your body. You’re probably not going to use all of the features of your massage chair so it is important to figure out which part(s) of your body requires special attention and buy a chair that caters to those areas.


If you want a good foot massage, buy chairs that incorporate foot massagers. If you feel excessive pain in your neck and shoulder area, then go for massage chairs that focus on alleviating pain in your neck and shoulder.


Most massage chairs are huge, bulky furniture that you can’t just tuck anywhere. The living room is not generally where you keep the chairs because, despite the efforts of manufacturers to develop aesthetically pleasing chairs, they can disrupt the overall décor of your room.

Because they are for personal use, placing massage chairs in your home, office, or bedroom makes the most sense. However, your bedroom/home office has to have enough room to house a massage chair.

In addition to its bulky shape and size, the chair might also include head and foot recliners so you can’t necessarily put them in a corner or near walls. Make sure that you measure your room properly and calculate how much space you’re going to need for a chair before getting one.


Some massage chairs come with wheels so they can easily be moved around. With these chairs, you can keep them at a place while not in use and move them to a spacious area when you want to have a massage.


You are probably going to use your chair frequently so make sure that you get a resilient, heavy-duty chair. Even if you may have to pay more for our durable massage chair, consider it as a quality investment. It is always better to buy a reliable and solid chair the first time than to regret buying a cheap and passable one that quickly needs to be replaced. This is especially true in the case of massage chairs.


Due to their size and weight, repairing a massage chair can be a formidable and expensive ordeal. As a result, you may end up paying more for the chair in the long run. Look for our massage chairs with modular designs. This makes any repair work that might need to be done a lot easier. If a part of the chair with a modular design is broken, then you can just remove that part and send it in for repair instead of paying to ship an entire chair.



What is the price of our Zero Gravity Massage Chair?

Our top-quality massage chair with the best options and features available only cost £1741.81. So, in a little over a year, even the top-of-the-line chair will have paid for itself. 


1-Year- £4.77 per day
2-Year- £2.38 per day
3-Year-£1.59 per day


When you consider the value of the chair, in addition to cost, it gets even better. Your massage chair is available 24/7, year-round. Even on weekends or at midnight.


Keep this in mind as well: With massage, as with so many things, frequency matters. Just as you wouldn’t exercise once a week and expect to see great results, massage once per month or even once per week is far less effective than more regular intervals of sessions.

Most people would choose to see their therapist far more often if it were more cost-effective, convenient, and less demanding on time. A good massage chair checks all of these boxes.

Our Massage Chair also comes with a free 2-year extended warranty and free delivery on all our chairs.

There is also an option to spread the cost in three months with Klarna.


By any measure, a luxury massage chair is a great investment in your health.


Cost worries a lot of people when it comes to considering the purchase of a luxury massage chair.

But ask yourself this: How much do you value your health, time and personal well-being?


These things are invaluable, and there’s nothing more important than being able to enjoy your day without feeling chronic pains and stress.


A Zero Gravity Massage Chair can help you get rid of those, and it serves to relieve your pain in the long run. Is it expensive? Yes, it definitely is. Yet, if you do the math, you’ll realize that what you get out of it can be worth all the money in the world.

See if our Zero Gravity Massage Chair is right for you.
Schedule your free, no-obligation consultation to get a quote.


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