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Solving Hyundai Chainsaw Starting Problems: A Comprehensive Guide

Owning a chainsaw can be immensely beneficial for both professionals and homeowners, allowing for efficient tree trimming, cutting firewood, and handling other heavy-duty tasks. Hyundai, a trusted brand known for its innovative range of products, offers the Hyundai 62cc 20" Petrol Chainsaw, a powerful tool with a reputation for reliability. However, like any other machine, chainsaws can experience starting issues from time to time. In this blog post, we will explore common starting problems with Hyundai chainsaws and provide practical solutions to get your chainsaw up and running smoothly.

hyundai chainsaw starting problems

Check Fuel and Oil Mixture 

One of the primary causes of starting problems in any two-stroke engine, including the Hyundai chainsaw, is an incorrect fuel and oil mixture. Ensure that you are using the right fuel-to-oil ratio as specified in the user manual. Using stale or improper fuel can lead to starting difficulties. Always use fresh, high-quality gasoline and a good-quality two-stroke oil. 

Prime the Engine 

To ensure smooth starting, it is essential to prime the engine. Before attempting to start the chainsaw, locate the primer bulb on the side of the chainsaw and press it several times until you see fuel flowing into the bulb. This process helps to draw fuel into the carburetor, enabling easier starting.  

hyundai chainsaw starting problems

Check Spark Plug 

A faulty spark plug can significantly hinder the starting process. Remove the spark plug and inspect its condition. If it appears dirty, fouled, or worn out, consider replacing it with a new one. Also, check the spark plug gap to ensure it meets the manufacturer's specifications. A proper spark plug is crucial for igniting the fuel mixture effectively. 

hyundai chainsaw starting problems

Clean the Air Filter 

A clogged air filter restricts airflow to the engine, causing starting issues. Regularly inspect and clean the air filter, removing any dirt, debris, or sawdust that may have accumulated. Cleaning the filter ensures proper air circulation, which is vital for optimal engine performance. 

hyundai chainsaw starting problems

Pull Cord Technique

When attempting to start the chainsaw, use a smooth and controlled pulling motion on the cord. Avoid yanking the cord forcefully, as this can lead to engine flooding. Excessive fuel in the engine can make starting difficult. A steady and consistent pulling motion helps to build the right amount of pressure for combustion.  

hyundai chainsaw starting problems


Hyundai chainsaws are renowned for their durability and performance. However, like any mechanical device, starting problems can occur. By following the troubleshooting steps mentioned above, you can quickly identify and resolve starting issues with your Hyundai 62cc 20" Petrol Chainsaw.

 Regular maintenance, proper fuel mixture, priming the engine, and using correct starting techniques will ensure that your chainsaw starts reliably every time, allowing you to accomplish your cutting tasks efficiently and safely.

Remember, if you encounter persistent starting problems despite following these steps, it's recommended to consult a professional technician or reach out to Hyundai's customer support for further assistance.

 With the right maintenance and care, your Hyundai chainsaw will serve you well for years to come. Happy cutting!

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