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Quality Standby U.K. Made Diesel Generators Sale

Quality Standby U.K. Made Diesel Generators Sale

Get a FREE, guaranteed quote on Purchase & Delivery, plus see how much you can Save.

Starting from as low as £1,677
*includes taxes and shipping

Getting a Diesel Generators is a big decision. We want you to be totally confident in your investment. Our free consultation can help answer some important questions you have about powering your home.




Here's how we can serve you.



No one likes surprises—especially when it comes to big investments. That’s why we provide you with a price range guarantee that fits your budget & a Diesel Generator that is optimised for your home.

  1. Cost-Effectiveness-Compared to other fuel types, our U.K. Made Diesel Generators are value for money and can save you a considerable amount of money & hassle. Our Diesel Generators tend to have a lower purchase price, and since they have fewer parts to replace regularly, like spark plugs, they also require less maintenance and part replacement costs compared to other generators.

  2. Efficiency of fuel- 

    Our U.K. Made Diesel Generators are more fuel-efficient than other generators because our U.K. made diesel generators have a higher thermal efficiency than other generators.

    It has been proven that with our diesel generators you can get a larger volume of energy, our diesel generators have a longer running time when operating at the same capacity.

  3.  Long-lasting

    No matter what your requirements, you can depend upon our U.K. Made Diesel Generators because they are suitable for remote environments needing alternative power.

    If maintained correctly, our U.K. Made Diesel Generators can last longer. 

    Here at Industrial Equipment Suppliers, we offer a range of Diesel Generators that add residual value to the fuel system and reduce the need for replacement capital investment.

    Our range of U.K. Made Diesel Generators are available across the UK, accessible 24/7 and are tailored to individual customer needs.


     "We were looking to replace our diesel generators. From assessing our needs and educating us on the different options available, Jeff and his team did a tremendous job in providing us with the best diesel generators. We wish we had contacted them earlier!"



No Pressure, No Commitment.

As a customer-first company and our goal are to educate and inspire—not sell. If you decide that our diesel generators aren’t for you after you get your consultation, no problem.

Low Interest Financing Available.

We know the up-front cost of diesel generators can seem steep. We have partnered with Klarna to offer short term financing for up to 3 months, allowing you to spread the cost and start enjoying the savings earlier on.


See if our U.K. Made Diesel Generators is right for you.

Schedule your free, no-obligation consultation to get a quote.


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