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Luxury Kitchen Cabinets

Luxury Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen has long been the most important room in the house. From the poorest homes that literally centred around a hearth, to opulent palaces where the kitchen was always close to the centre of power; the kitchen provided both the literal and figurative warmth of the dwelling.

It’s not that much different in modern life. Kitchens might not be literally at the centre of our homes, but a surprising amount of our life revolves around them. So much so, estate agents will advise sellers to pay special attention to their kitchens ahead of viewings. And when you understand the importance of a kitchen to life and a home, it can guide you on the improvements you might want to make.


Why is it worth investing in a luxury kitchen cabinets?

Why is the luxury kitchen cabinets so worthy of investment? Some might point to the healthy return it offers: the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors estimates that a new kitchen adds about 4% to the value of a property. But what about when you aren’t selling?

The reason luxury kitchen cabinets add so much value to the price of a home is because they add value to the life you lead in that home. While the initial cost might seem high, think about the use it provides. Buying luxury custom kitchen cabinets, for example, is something that you will use, day-in, day-out, for years. When you spread that cost over their lifetime — and quality cabinets will last decades — they are incredibly good value. They will certainly compare favourably to things like that high-end TV you’ll only have for a few years, or the designer label that spends most of its time in the wardrobe.

Of course, the value is not just from their functional use. You don’t need expensive kitchen cabinets to store plates or to provide a home for groceries. Their value also comes from the pleasure you get from them. The kitchen is not just a working room but, as history has shown, the heart of the home.

If you take a moment to think about the time you spend in the kitchen, it’s quickly apparent why it’s so important. The first things that come to mind may be the practical uses, perhaps a quick breakfast before work, then dinner in the evening. In both cases, of course, you need something that works for you, and a well-designed kitchen will do that. But then think about all the other time you spend in the kitchen.

Do you enjoy sitting in the kitchen sipping a coffee, browsing the papers (or your iPad), at the weekend? Or, after dinner, how long have you spent staying at the table, chatting with family or friends, while you finish a bottle of wine? And how many important chats have you had with a loved one, while you do the routine chores like loading the dishwasher or putting away the shopping?

From a friendly brunch with bucks fizz, the warm glow that comes from a roast dinner, or the personal time spent with a cup of tea and a good book, we all have happy memories from kitchens. It’s not just the best room for parties, it is the best room for life.

It’s important to make sure you love your kitchen, so choosing high-quality furniture is vital. Whether it’s from the texture and feel of the doors, the sound of drawers as they smoothly close, or the overall aesthetic appeal of a well-designed kitchen, the joy and satisfaction it will provide every day will quickly outweigh the cost of the initial investment.

Why go for luxury custom kitchen cabinets?

When it comes to kitchens, there’s a lot of standardisations. Almost every modern white good, whether it’s a fridge, cooker, or dishwasher, has a standard size, meaning they can be replaced easily. This means that the cabinets around the appliances frequently long outlast the appliances themselves.


However, there are two things that are not standard: the kitchen itself, and the people that use it.

Kitchens can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. While the modern trend is for large and open-plan kitchens, this wasn’t always the case. Older homes might have kitchens that were smaller and more functional, designed around a couple of appliances, or even an open fire. And regardless of the shape and size, the laser-precision of modern building techniques was not available until relatively recently. Even a fraction of a degree means corners that are not precise right angles and walls are not quite straight.

A custom kitchen can take account of the small imperfections at the design stage. Instead of off-the-shelf cabinets that don’t quite fit, leaving odd gaps, modern luxury kitchen cabinets fit from top to bottom, creating the top quality look you would expect from bespoke fittings.

And they can factor in the personal aspect too. Choosing modern luxury kitchen cabinets can provide a surprising amount of design freedom. First you can choose the layout that works for you, so if you’ve always dreamed of an island, or are particular about how your appliances are located, going for a custom kitchen has a lot to recommend it.

And moving beyond the layout, modern luxury kitchen cabinets provide significant opportunities for customisation to match your personal tastes. These will include choices like material and finish, whether you are looking for a modern gloss or a more understated matte. You can also consider things like accent colours; one of the more recent trends has been to use contrasting colours to differentiate levels, so there’s a clear boundary between the storage areas and working areas on top. And the finishing touches will also make a huge difference. The ironwork, things like the handles and pulls, can be used to highlight and punctuate the kitchen. Or you can follow another recent trend and go for handle-less cabinets, which, by concealing pulls on drawers and cupboards, makes the storage almost secret, and functional parts of the kitchen becoming a visual distraction, allowing you to draw focus and attention elsewhere, whether that’s artwork on the walls or the artwork you produce on the plates.


What are the benefits of luxury kitchen cabinets?

Although trends change, the real benefit of choosing high-quality cabinets is that you end up with a timeless product. As highlighted earlier, those expensive kitchen cabinets will, over time, save a lot of money when compared to cheaper products that have a shorter lifespan. The simple fact is that good design and quality products will long outlast fads.

And while it can be considered an investment in your property because of the value it adds, it’s also an investment in you. Purchasing quality repays in several ways. First, there’s the time you win back. A well-designed kitchen will work more smoothly for you, and — as strange as it might sound — as you begin to enjoy using it, you are far more likely enjoy even the mundane chores in the kitchen, keeping your kitchen tidy and efficient.

But there’s also the satisfaction that a great kitchen gives you. When the kitchen’s design matches your preferences and is a room you aren’t just happy to be in, you actively want to be in, it begins to fulfil its potential as the friendly heart of the home. Whether you are an award-winning chef or can just about use a saucepan, you will know the huge difference that the environment can make.


Designing your own kitchen guarantees that you have that environment, so when you are preparing for the day ahead right through to unwinding at its end, you have a kitchen that works for you.

Luxury kitchen cabinets also mean that you have luxury materials. These have a clear practical benefit: there is no point in using cheap materials in a hard-working environment. But high-quality materials are also far more pleasurable in use. The grain of a hardwood door, for example, offers a tactile and visual beauty that simply cannot be replicated with imitations.

Ultimately, kitchen cabinets are just storage. There are all sorts of places we can keep our bowls and plates, or our pots and pans. And while it’s entirely possible to take a utilitarian approach to your kitchen, given its importance as a room in our homes and lives, opting for something that offers more is an obvious choice.

Choosing luxury kitchen cabinets is not a lifestyle choice, something we might splurge on, but instead something we should invest in. Because when we can get the joy from the everyday experience of our home’s most important room, it benefits every aspect of our lives.

If you need a custom design luxury kitchen cabinets contact us for a custom quote today or choose from our exclusive designs.

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