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Imagine having your own Spa at Home Unwind and Relax with a Home Sauna without having to leave Home

Imagine having your own Spa at Home Unwind and Relax with a Home Sauna without having to leave Home

If you have aches and pains, a Home Sauna is a Natural Remedy. The Infrared Home Sauna is the Perfect Solution for you to relax and relieve any of your aches and pain, especially after a long day of work.


With the Unique Patented design of our Home Sauna, you can enjoy Infrared Heat that is both relaxing to anyone young or old. You can quickly get rid of stiff joints, aching muscles, soreness from work or while you're recovering from exercises.

Having a Home Sauna has also been beneficial to one's mental health, improves blood flow throughout your body, and lifts your mood up, especially after a stressful day.

Our Home Infrared Sauna is easy to install, and you can be relaxing in the therapeutic heat of your very own home sauna in a matter of minutes. Out Infrared Sauna works by releasing a unique and healing infrared heat. Our Infrared Sauna also heats up in a matter of minutes; just plug the Home Sauna, and you can enjoy going off and just relax.

While relaxing on your very own home sauna, you can also feel all your stress and anxiety melt away as you relax and clear your mind in the therapeutic heat of your very own home sauna.

Your very own home sauna can also help detoxify your body by clearing your lymphatic system from harmful toxins that we accumulate every day, these harmful bacteria and viruses are the cause of many of our modern illnesses, and the healing power of your very own home sauna can help you sweat out these harmful bacteria and viruses.

So why not pamper yourself and your loved one? After all, they say that the best investment you can make is first by investing in yourself and your health. A Home Sauna is really an excellent investment, contributing value to your life and your own Home. 

A Home Sauna is also proven to bring the family together. Just ask the Finnish Families. There is a difference in the social experience when having a home sauna. From family time to heartfelt conversations with your families to even yes Sauna parties with your friends – the Home Sauna experience can lead to meaningful socialising and bonding. Our Infrared Saunas are large enough for your families or friends to enjoy. Though a Sauna session may only be a few minutes at a time, the experience of heating, preparing to use the Sauna, talking and relaxing afterwards can be very therapeutic and rewarding. 

With a Home Infrared Saunas, you can also enjoy "me time", and because the Infrared Home Sauna usually produces a lower heat compared to the traditional Sauna, you can enjoy using the Infrared Home Sauna longer.

With our Home Infrared Saunas, you can be guaranteed to heal and restore the body, which also comes with the following benefits:

  1. Easy to Install

  2. Enjoy -Undisturbed time to Unwind and Relax.

  3. Privacy and Comfort-You don't have to worry about sharing that space with other people; you'll have it all to yourself, or, at worst, only share it with the people who live with you.

  4. Better Health-Relieve muscle pain and work wonders for your mental health.

  5. Share -Impress and Share with your family and friends.

  6. Good Value- Having an Infrared Home Sauna may help increase your property value and give your home a gorgeous and sophisticated ambience.

  7. Saunas are Relaxing- The main reason many of our customers buy an Infrared Home Sauna from us in the first place is to chill out. After a hard workout or a long day, you need to just relax, which is exactly what you will do. The combination of heat, plus being disconnected from the rest of the world for even just a few minutes, you can transform your attitude and leave you feeling refreshed in a matter of minutes and at the comfort of your own home.

  8. Better Skin- Using an Infrared Home Sauna cleans your pores. Think about it: Steam causes your pores to open so you can release sweat. As your pores open and sweat, they also flush out the icky stuff sitting on your skin's surface or just below the surface. All the dirt, toxins and germs from your environment, your day, even your makeup get flushed out to leave your skin looking clearer and feeling healthier.

  9. Recover-Infrared Home Sauna can help with exercise recovery. An intense workout can leave your muscles tired, sore and stiff. Using the heat from a Sauna can release tension and help muscle fibres recover faster.
  10. Cleanses-You can detoxify. Regardless of how healthy you may be and how much you may try to live a balanced, health-focused lifestyle, your body is storing tons of toxins. They can come from chemicals in your environment or your food. The best way to release these toxins is to mobilise them in your body and sweat them out in an Infrared Home Sauna.
  11. Relieve joint pain. Saunas have been shown to help patients dealing with arthritis and joint discomfort, as heat therapy can cause temporary pain relief. A Dutch study in 2009 showed that participants reported improvement in pain, stiffness and fatigue during the Sauna session.
  12. Good for your heart. Because Infrared Home Sauna may help stimulate your heart to pump faster-moving blood throughout your body, bathing in a sauna is a mini-workout for your heart. Infrared Home Sauna may also lower blood pressure. You can also have the perfect excuse to hop in your very own home sauna.

Many experts agree that an Infrared Home Sauna May protect you against

  1. Cardiovascular disease
  2. Rheumatoid disease
  3. Chronic fatigue
  4. Pain syndromes

While also Improving

  1. Exercise Performance
  2. Muscle Recovery
  3. Skin Moisture Barrier Properties


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