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How Quiet Are Silent Generators?

How Quiet Are Silent Generators?

Generators, especially diesel ones, can be very loud. This is a problem, as they can damage the hearing of those who have to work in close proximity to them and be a nuisance for those who work or live nearby. In order to combat this problem, silent generators were created. A silent generator operates inside a soundproof container or generator enclosure which will muffle the sound of a generator.


Silent Generators


Silent Generator

Silent diesel generators use composite materials in a generator enclosure. Usually, these are layers of hard material which bounce the sound energy back into the enclosure. They also use soft, porous materials which absorb the sound energy, converting it into heat.

Different materials absorb different sound frequencies better than others. Some materials might be very good at absorbing sound at high frequencies, but poor at the lower end. To combat this, most silent generators use different materials in several layers.

Higher frequencies are best absorbed by porous materials, which channel the smaller sound waves deep into the material which then absorbs them. Lower frequency sounds are harder to silence. The waves of lower frequency sounds are sometimes deflected or absorbed by heavy layers of material, which are resistant to movement. The best results for deadening lower frequencies come from using air pockets. Thin panels of material are separated by shallow air gaps. This creates a resonance effect to make the low-frequency sound into a higher pitch. This pitch can then be better absorbed by the porous materials.

A Generator enclosure will be engineered for a particular type of generator or a specific model, in order to make sure the soundproofing is as effective as possible at absorbing the range of sound produced by the generator.


How Loud is Your Generator?


Silent Generator
Sound levels are usually measured in decibels. Anything above 80 decibels is considered ‘loud’. Once sound levels reach 100 decibels, this can become uncomfortable, and can even be painful for some people to hear once the volume gets to 140 decibels.

The noise produced by a generator can be measured on a linear scale, which weights all sound frequencies equally. An audible scale is more helpful, as this only takes into account the sounds that humans can actually hear.


How Silent is a Silent Generator?

There is a gap between how much noise is reduced is actually possible and how much is commercially feasible. A drop in the noise of around 40 decibels is genuinely what is considered the limit of a noise reduction that is practical.

With a Silent Diesel Generator, you can reduce the noise dramatically. Canopies feature a residential silencer and high-quality soundproofing which ensures that the levels of noise produced by your generator are greatly reduced. The canopies we produce ensure performance in outdoor environments.

Canopies are designed to provide our customers with a generator that is simple to use and easy to look after. They’re made with functionality in mind and have great maintenance access so you can the generator running easily.
There are times when you need a quiet generator. You might be camping, running a food van or working in a residential area. Quiet generators are also a good choice for home and business standby power – the last thing you want during a power outage is a noisy generator.

Best Quietest Generators


Our Choices for Best Quietest Generators

Here are our choices for the Best Quiet Generator. Whether you will use it for camping, hunting, tailgating, or small construction projects away from a power source:

Hyundai Silenced Standby Single Phase Diesel Generator | Hyundai 5.2kW/6.5kVA | 1 Year Platinum Warranty | Standby Generator for Home or Business

Diesel Generator

The DHY6000SE features an electric start and a convenient digital control panel that displays the frequency, voltage, and total run time.

The DHY6000SE backup power generator is compatible with an optional Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS). An ATS will sense the power cut and automatically start the generator even if you're not around. Once the power has been restored, the ATS will again, automatically switch you back to mains power.

The built-in low oil alarm and automatic shutdown keep the generator safe during operation and ensure the engine is protected at all times.


Hyundai Standby Silenced Diesel Generator |Hyundai 10kW/12.5kVA 230v Mains | 1 Year Platinum Warranty | Standby Generator for Home or Business

Diesel Generator

This 10kw/12.5kVA diesel standby generator is ideal for home or business standby use. The Hyundai twin-cylinder air-cooled engine operates at a low noise level within the sound attenuating enclosure.


Hyundai Multi-phase - Single and Three Phase - Silenced Long Run Standby Diesel Generator | Hyundai 6kW/7.5kVA | 1 Year Platinum Warranty


diesel generator


The DHY8000SELR-T is a compact yet powerful long run standby generator from Hyundai offers either switchable 230v single phase or 400v 3-phase voltages. The DHY8000SELR-T is ideal for workshops, garages and home use.


DEUTZ 40 kVA Single Phase Silent Diesel Generator AD40S-1PH


diesel generator


The PowerMark range of Diesel generators is manufactured in the UK in our expert manufacturing facility. This facility holds the ISO9001:2015 certification and uses the key UK and European components. All of our Diesel generators are tested are at different load intervals from 0-110% and go through a thorough Pre-Delivery Inspection prior to dispatch. We pride ourselves on the term ‘Plug-In and Play’



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